Research Association for Science,
Disarmament and International Security


Who can join as members?

Membership is open to all who do research or teaching of problems of disarmament, international security and peace with mathematical, natural- or technical-science methods, as well as to those who have a particular interest in research and teaching in this area. Institutions with comparable interest are most welcome to join as supporting members. The annual membership fee for students / unemployed is € 10, otherwise € 30 (for individuals with annual income up to € 25,000), € 45 (up to € 45,000) and € 60 (above €45,000), respectively. For supporting members, the above-mentioned fees represent the guidelines. (Donations are also welcome. FONAS e.V. is a recognised non-profit organization.)

Membership Application (as pdf; German)

Please send the application to the FONAS Executive Board.